What You Can Do To Become More Popular In This World

Many people about the world imagine being in the limelight! The lights, the amount of money, the interest… how could anyone not need to be generally adored and valued by the people? Well ideally this list will highlight means of making that desire become a reality for you. As Gilderoy Lockhart from ‘Harry Potter’ once said ‘Popularity is a fickle good friend’.

The encounters we see plastered all around the tabloids are people who don’t do anything. They are really “personalities,” “socialites” and “entertainers” who do only embarrass themselves until we can not forget their titles.

With that said, we have examined the practices many took to attain their popularity and put together a set of the most successful ways. Fundamentally, you must do everything your parents ever before told you never to do. So here is a set of all the methods for you to get famous with this popular blog with no any talent by any means.

Make A Sex Tape

That is a foolproof solution to getting some attention, even if this means you’re a hoe. All of the greats did it, from Kim K to Paris Hilton.

Have A Baby At 16

Early motherhood could land you an area on “16 & Pregnant” or “Teenage Mom,” and that is a for sure way to get some good camera time.

Kill Someone (We Don’t Advise This Option)

Just take a look at all the interest these murderers acquired. Casey Anthony, OJ, Amanda Knox…

Get Kidnapped

You might have to reside in with some creepy spiritual folk in their bomb shelter for a couple of years, but if you are ever found, you’ll be a star!

Have 8 Kids At One Time

No-one can withstand an octamom, if you can’t get famous, just have a baby.

Marry A Really Old Rich Man

Everybody loves a horny silver digger.

Have Sex With Tiger Woods

Unless you speak about it on camera, you can write a reserve about it.

Make A Horrible Viral Video

Make an awful song without lyrical integrity but a catchy combat, and you’ll reach meet Justin Bieber 1 day!

Get Horrible Plastic SURGERY

Everyone loves discussing unpleasant surgeries, so try to get the most surgeries as you possibly can.

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