Seventh Annual Recovery Run brings hundreds together to raise hope, help others

Thousands are already part of the Edgewood Treatment Centre family. But one seven-year-old member is doing plenty to make sure that family keeps growing. The seventh annual Run For Recovery, a twilight tradition along the comfortable mulch shores of Nanaimo, British Columbia’s Westwood Lake, is set for another instalment next month. On Friday, June 23, […]

Digesting the religiosity of some of the language of recovery

  By Jeff Vircoe “There are only two things you need to know about the spiritual side of the program. There is a God and you’re not it.” To anyone who has been sober in A.A. a long time, as in 20 or more years, they will likely have heard this admonishment in smoke-filled rooms. […]

The Escorts in Malaysia Stories

Robes and slippers are offered upon request. It’s quite critical that all of the rituals have to be performed in sequence. Several compulsory rituals must be performed. In spite of the pole, it is absolutely one of the absolute most comfortable riverboat staterooms we’ve ever occupied, and the absolute most comfortable Viking River Cruises stateroom […]

Ten Common Symptoms of Psychological Trauma

The phrase, “I was so traumatized,” is often used very loosely by individuals to describe how shocked they were about something eventful that took place. It’s true that many of us do experience some type of trauma at least once in our life but not to the degree that others might who are deeply affected […]

Live Let Live: A battle – tested slogan in the fight for recovery

As Canadians pause this week to remember the battle of Vimy Ridge and its impact on a wide-eyed, impressionable nation 100 years ago, it may surprise some in recovery, from their own battles with the bottle, to learn that one of the most sage bits of advice offered to them has a close connection to […]

Live Let Live: It makes good therapeutic, scientific sense

When, as children, we are told not to put our hand on the hot stove, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Yeah, I think I can figure that out, mom. And when we come to the rooms of recovery, beat up, lost, and feeling like old little kids in an adult world, the term Live and […]